Recording sound for Magic Jar

Had a most enjoyable session this-morning with a percussionist called Jez Wiles, recording sounds for Magic Jar.

A few people have commented on the iTunes store that some sound would really help Magic Jar, and we agree completely. Our philosophy is not to use pre-made samples or stock audio when there is something more imaginative or better – we want to go the extra mile and do it properly, so in this case it seemed right to bring Jez in to deliver the audio magic we were looking for.

What an array of percussion he had! Endless bells, chimes and shakers from all over the world, little squeaky things, ocean drums, you name it! We recorded 24 tracks of various instruments and now have the job of creating the perfect ambient loop to accompany the magic jar scenes. The plan is to have an element of randomness to the layers so it is not always exactly the same. In addition, we plan to add some sounds that are triggered by touching the jar.

Jez also played a beautiful instrument called an mbira – its like a giant thumb piano, and sounds truly magical. I tinkled away on some nice high piano notes, all tracked in glorious stereo, so we should be able to create something very nice.

Last week we recorded the wonderful Radio 4-esque voice of Jo Mason – voiceovers for the intro page and some new features coming in 2013.