This app lets kids check how much magic they have in their jars, and also features a simple “How many sleeps until Christmas” display.


  • Beautiful graphics on all devices, including a stunning video flying sequence up to the North Pole and into the Magic Jar Room
  • Easy for mums and dads to set up and control how much magic the kids have… just one slider!
  • Great for encouraging good behaviour
  • Kids love to check how well they are doing
  • Passcode-protected admin area (if you forget your passcode, you can have it emailed to you)
  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS, and tested down to iOS 4.3
  • Universal – custom graphics for every device up to iPad 3

We are already working on the next version… featuring sound, voiceovers, suggestions for how each child can earn more magic (which parents can control), and a countdown to birthday for each child.

“Downloaded 20 mins ago and working wonders in our household already. Kids are captivated!”


“Magic Jar is really very good! 2 of my 3 children Hollie, aged 7 and Mildred, aged 5 got themselves dressed for school, made the beds, filled the dishwasher and brushed their own teeth! Hardly any shouting at all! However, Lois, aged 1 she's got hardly any magic as she's been getting up every 2 hours for the last week!! The other 2 find that hilarious! I've told lots of friends to get it. ”

Sion, Father of 3

“Within 5 minutes of getting this beautiful app on my phone Hatty got herself dressed and agreed to go and see Little Granny. My wife Ems has got it too now. Simple and wonderful, and great for magic bribes.”

Owen, Dad to Hatty & Charlie

“We have been using the app for almost 24 hours. My three keep asking to check the levels! It has been very useful for keeping Drew in line during his Xmas play rehearsals! He has an issue with waiting for his turn to sing! Very pretty, magical app!”

Shelley, Mum of 3

“My 6 year old daughter can't stop checking this. It seems to be motivating her to modify her behaviour.”

Matilda's Mum

“I teach music to children across a range of age groups. I tried this to help the youngest children visualise their progress and they love it. Brilliantly rendered, great that you can customise each jar for each person and a big hit with the 4/5 yr olds at school.”


“Children need things to bring wonderment to their lives and Magic Jar is a wonderful idea. Love it.”