Our apps don’t collect data!

There was an interesting article in The Guardian today which reported that many apps aimed at children are collecting data without any form of privacy statement and without parental consent, sending it to developers, analytics services etc.

We just want to reassure our customers that we are NOT collecting any data of any sort with our apps, so your childrens’ privacy is 100% guaranteed. Yours too.

Some people have given us feedback that they’d like to synchronise their Magic Jar accounts across multiple devices (such as households with an iPhone and iPad) – we’re looking into ways of doing this if enough people request it. We will probably use iCloud, but there is a possibility we might develop a custom sync service which will use your unique device IDs – this would require some data capture to make sure it worked, but if we need to do that, we’ll make sure it’s OK with you first when you set that feature up.

We’ve just installed some new feedback and request forms for Magic Jar, so please do let us know your thoughts!