Daniel’s Story – @MagicJarApp

We think our blog is the perfect place to share some inspiring stories Mums & Dads have told us about how they are using the Magic Jar app to engage and reward their children in the run up to Christmas. First up, Daniel’s story…

Poor Daniel, 5, had been off school all week with the dreaded chickenpox. As he began to recover, his mummy Jo took him into town to help choose the Christmas tree. Daniel was still feeling pretty poorly and even the thought of getting the Christmas tree didn’t raise a smile. Luckily they bumped into Jo’s friend Kate on the High Street.

The conversation went like this:

Kate: Daniel, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick with chickenpox all week, but Mummy tells me you’ve been a really, really brave boy. Are you feeling better now?

Daniel: (silence) 🙁

Kate: I hear you are buying the Christmas tree today. Are you excited?

Daniel: (silence) 🙁

Kate: Have you heard about Magic Jar? Not many people know that their is a magic jar in Santa’s grotto for every little boy and every little girl. The Magic Jar App lets you travel to the north pole to check how much magic you have in your jar at Santa’s grotto. If you’ve been a really good boy and have lots of magic in your jar Santa brings you a lovely present for christmas. I bet there’s jar with your name on it. Shall we take a look?

Daniel: (silence… now however, he looks curious) 😐

At this point Kate whips out her iPhone and quickly and easily creates a Jar for Daniel, filling it with beautiful white & purple magic. She hands the jar to Daniel and says:

Kate: Look! There is a jar with your name on! Quick press the button and see if it takes you to the North Pole to check your magic!”

Kate then hands the iPhone to Daniel. He presses the button, his little face lights up immediately and he screeches with delight when he sees his jar bursting, glowing and swirling with magic! 🙂 🙂 🙂

A success story if ever there was one! And Jo? – well she grabbed her phone and downloaded Magic Jar from the App store faster then you can say:

Christmas isn’t Christmas without Magic Jar!

Steve & Lee want to say thanks to Jo & Kate – and Daniel of course – for sharing the story. That’s why we build these things 🙂