Magic Jar – now with SOUND!!!

We’re delighted that the latest version of Magic Jar, our cute Christmas app for kids, has cleared App Store review and is now available for sale. It has SOUND!!! Thanks to the feedback from parents, we prioritised getting the sound sorted almost as soon as the reviews were coming in – so cheers DogmanGunny and Matila’s mum, wherever you are. PS: DogmanGunny – can we have our 5th star now, please? 😉

Existing users can update their app to get the sound going! Have fun, let us know what you think. Comments and suggestions for future development are very welcome (we’re looking at iCloud integration so that iPhone and iPads in the same house can share the same jars).

We’ve also just submitted another minor update which addresses more customer feedback – the app will quit once you press your home button, so that kids can never inadvertently get into the admin system (happened to a couple of dads who wandered off to make cups of tea and found their pups awarding themselves rather extraordinary amounts of magic). It also improves the magic towards the top end on iPad – REALLY blasts out now. Just in time for a final burst just before Christmas!