Luka’s story – being brave!

This is one pretty close to home, as it’s my own son.

Yesterday we were out playing football on the deck outside. It was a bit slippy underfoot, but I didn’t see it coming – Luka slipped badly and crashed really hard face first into one corner of one of the planters. You know the feeling as parent – sick to the stomach… he was really screaming, poor wee guy – I didn’t know what had happened except that he had really hurt himself. I was terrified it had been his eye or cheekbone, but when he got up, I saw the injury was to his ear – a really deep cut to the lobe, sliced almost all the way through – eek!

Straight to Lewisham A & E. He was so brave… 🙂 Stopped crying somewhere around Brockley and by the time we were seen by the nurse, he was doing really well. They offered him painkillers but he said no.

So, needless to say, once we were done, I told him that when little people are brave, their jar gets some extra magic (dad makes quick dash into the control panel, one slide of his slider right to the top, back to the main menu, hands over phone) – “Why don’t you check?”

This is what he saw, and as he did, he was absolutely shaking with excitement. “Hope I can keep it this full daddy!” I wish we could send iPads to every children’s A&E in the country!