Amber’s Story – Being Rude to Grandma

Some relatives will just laugh it off. “Kids!” they’ll say and leave it at that.
Well, others take a different view and in our experience Grandma is one of them. Here’s Amber’s story.

Things Grandma likes:

  1. A tidy house
  2. A clean car
  3. Scented candles
  4. Ironed clothes
  5. Politeness

Things Grandma doesn’t like:

  1. Being kissed by kids with snotty faces
  2. Crumbs
  3. Anyone messing up her hair-do whilst delivering a hug
  4. Loud noises
  5. Rudeness

Amber (7) struggles with list number 2 when Grandma is around, and Grandma had come to stay. Grandma had just finished blow drying her hair in the guest room (this takes rather a long time, as each hair is blow-dried individually) when Amber rushed in. Amber has a cold, had just finished her breakfast of toast and honey, and was screeching with excitement as she charged at Grandma to deliver a great big morning kiss. (So that’s numbers 1-4 on the Grandma doesn’t like list covered in one fell swoop!).

Grandma can take it. She wiped off the crumbs and the snot, smoothed her hair, took out her ear plugs and gave Amber a great big kiss.

Amber said:

Urghh! Yuk! You stink Grandma. Poo & wee on your head!

Unfortunately for Amber, Santa was watching from the sidelines and the magic in her jar evaporated pretty quickly. Drama followed… but Amber soon became an angel. She apologised to Grandma, gave her a crumb-and-snot-free kiss, and the magic was restored! Hopefully she’ll get that Lego Friends toy at the top of her Christmas list… if she keeps her jar as full as it is now.

Well done Amber and thanks to your lovely Mummy Suzie for sharing your story with us.

Happy Christmas!

You too can encourage kids to be nice to Grandma by downloading Magic Jar, a great Christmas app for kids from the App Store here.